Dear Patriot's History Readers,

One of the continuing pleasures of having written the Patriot's History of the United States and created this website is the correspondence and email we receive from teachers and students. Often they give us tips that improve our book and the work we do.
The following letter comes from a tutor Celeste Hall and is based on research that her student Jenna Russell did on Paul Revere. We highly recommend you bring up the second link below, which Jenna found. It tells the story of Revere's work as an early American dentist! The Founding Fathers were truly multi-dimensional. Thank you Jenna!

Your Fellow Patriots,
Michael Allen and Larry Schweikart;

Dear Larry and Michael,
I am a tutor and I wanted to pass along a quick comment. My group has been working on the American Revolution and we started talking about Paul Revere. I just wanted to mention that one of the students found your page ( during a research segment. It was helpful – thank you!

I also wanted to let you know that during her research Jenna found another informative and resourceful site: It has a ton of information and resources on Paul Revere, and we found out he was a revolutionary period dentist and made dentures – we never knew that!

Would you consider adding it for me? I would love to surprise her and show her that her research will help others learn all about Paul Revere!

Thank you and take care,