Told ya so

For anyone who doubted my August blog that said the health (non) care bill was a done deal, CSPAN is reporting Ben Nelson will vote yes, and the final vote will be on Monday. This was never, ever in doubt. No matter what has, or has not, come out of this bill, it will go to conference committee with the much more radical House version, and will come out exactly as the Dems always intended: with a “public option.” (BTW, as I understand it, only a simple majority is required to then pass the final bill in each House).

The Republicans’ strategy was the best they could do, namely to stall, delay, and hope that the Senate actually paid attention to public opinion. No dice. And, not to play Grinch here, but the supposed “failed” Copenhagen talks that arrived at a non-binding “agreement” to keep global temperatures to a two-degree increase? HUH We already have cooling global temperatures, so this is a set-up for these one-world/big-government types to thump their chests and say, “See! Our plan worked. Let’s attack capitalism more!”

Finally, to pour arsenic in the eggnog, the very next big bill up for the Congress next year will almost certainly be amnesty.

I don’t think there is any question at all that in 2010, the Democrats will sustain serious, significant losses. Unfortunately, short of throwing out two-thirds of each house, I don’t think it will matter. One ray of hope is that a GOP majority in the House could dampen the damage through a dedicated scorched earth policy in funding bills. That’s expecting an awful lot, even if the large number of House Republicans are conservatives. In any contest, there is always some attrition, and we are going to need a two-thirds conservative majority in each house to begin to undo this fascism.

God save us.

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